Friday, March 16, 2012

A Date With The Goat @ 12.3.2012

Wooooohoooooooo !!
Our OC Leo Ng Jia Wei organized a trip to the goat farm
we named it

Event on facebook

On the day(12.3.2012)
(Let the pictures tell the story)

Our food, water and first aid kits

Queueing up?

Our president was giving some speech in the bus

A long long way to go
we sat in the bus for 45minutes

Was heading to Balik Pulau

The bus parked at a car park .
We walked for 10minutes to reach the farm .

The Tauke and Take Niau
Mr. Ho and Mrs. Ho
Our tour guide on that day

Soon, we started our trip
First of all, we went to the vegetable farm.

There were a lot of plants
The unknown flowers
that we found in the vegetable farm

Different kind of fruits can be found in the farm, too
From the highest : Lime, papaya and passion fruit

Do you know what is 'huan zhu hiuk' in Hokkien?
At here, Mr. Ho taught us how to do a necklace with the 'huan zhu hiuk'

'Normally the boys do this and give it to the girls as a gift' said Mr. Ho

After that, Mr. Ho taught us how to play grass aeroplane

We next visited the vegetable farm
There's only few young plants we can find

After that, we went to the goat farm
We were all excited !

Heading to the goat farm

Come come come, get the grass to feed the goats !!

Our teacher advisor Pn Tan Li Ling
was feeding the goats

Shocked ?
Haha she's our Leo president
Leo Tan Yen Ting

Our 1st Vice president
Leo Boon Ci Ying 

Everybody were busy feeding the goats
(The right women with pink shirt is our new teacher advisor Teacher Melissa Goh)

Mr. Ho showed us how to milk the goats

The next thing we did was
Taste the goat milk and yoghurt !!
Goat milk and yogurt

By the way,
they sell handmade soap too .

Everyone was busy tasting and buying the products made from goat milk .

Finally, we took a picture of our members
Say cheeseeeeee !!

At the end,
after thanked to Mr. and Mrs. Ho
we went back to the school .

It was an unforgettable experience
Our teacher advisor also praised the organising chairperson

ROAR !!!
ROAR !!!


Leo Tan Lyn Ing,
Event Secretary,
IT Director 2011-2012.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

18.2.2012 The Third GKK

Our Leo adviser, Lion Kelvin Lor attended this meeting. Lion and the key officers introduced themselves.

From the right : 
Leo Tan Yen Ting(President) , Leo Boon Ci Ying(1st VP) , Leo Cheah Cai Wen(2nd VP) , Leo Goh Wan Sin(Secretary) , Leo Janice Ong(Asst. Secretary) , Leo Yap Khai Teng(Treasurer) and Leo Thoa Mun Er(Asst. Treasurer)

Lion Kelvin Lor

At first, Lion Kelvin gave us briefing on the history of the Leo club. He teached us how to form a group and many more.

Leo Tan Lyn Ing
IT Director 2011-2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leo quiz

Surat kebenaran

Leo club of Phor Tay High School is going to attend a LEO quiz organized by the District 208 B2 Region 1 Omega & Alpha Leo Clubs Leo Quiz 2011-2012. 2 teams of participant will participate in this Leo quiz. The activity will be held on 26th Feb 2012 from 1pm to 5pm at Chung Ling High School.

We are glad to have a chance to take part in this Leo quiz.

All the BEST in the Leo quiz

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4.2.2012 - The Second GKK

The second co-curriculum activity was held on 4.2.2012(Saturday)

There was 64 members attended and were guided by Pn Tan Li Ling, our teacher adviser. As the Lions didn't attend, so our president Leo Tan Yen Ting gave us some briefing about the key officers, the board of directors of SMJK Phor Tay and the background of Leos and Lions.

Leo Tan Lyn Ing
IT Director 2011-2012

Saturday, November 19, 2011

B.O.D Meeting 19 Nov 2011

A BOD meeting was held on today. 12 Key officers and BOD attended this meeting. Lion Kelvin Lor and Lion Khoo Teng Ju from the New Century Lions Club Of Penang Island also attended this meeting. A decision on new club t-shirt was made in this meeting. The new badge for year 2012 was chosen too. Every BOD and Key Officers had given their opinions and voted for the badge they liked.

The next meeting will be held on 20 Dec 2011 among Key Officers and BOD from 3pm to 4pm through Facebook.

Leo Tan Lyn Ing
IT Director 2011-2012

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rings Tabs Collection

Rings Tabs Collection from 10th March until 20th May 2011
Please don't throw away after you drink can drinks. Donate to us ! New Century Lions Club of Penang Island organized this Ring Tabs Collection . All Leos and Phor Tay students, please tell your friends and family about this activity! Support Leo club Of Phor Tay! 
Thank You!

Date to collect will be post on our school notice board. 
Dear members , 
Please see our notice board everyday!
We will update everyday! 

For further info , you can contact President Leo Amanda Heah 5TM (016-4900732) 

Regards ,
 Amanda Heah
President of  Phor Tay Leo Club

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meeting :)

Meeting :)
Our first meeting !

1. Very meaningfull event since this is the first fellowship with NCLC Penang Island and PTHS Leo.
2. Celebrate those member's birthday who falls on month of January.
3. To discuss upcoming event with Leos and confirm Logo & Vest design.

  - Lion Kevin Lor
Time :
Friday , January 28
1.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Location :
Han Guan Restaurant (Relau)

15 B.O.D  are invited !
We will having our lunch there .

Dear B.O.D ,
Inform us if you will attend .
If you don't have transportation to the restaurant in Relau , inform our president Amanda Heah 5TM .

Regards ,
IT Director of PTHS - Cy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our first Event : Charity Auto Fair Project !

Our first Event : Charity Auto Fair Project !
Members are welcome .

They are underprivillege students that need new uniforms, text books etc. Any amount of donation will do, but for every RM30, you will get a voucher to get FREE CAR DIAGNOSIS (worthRm80) , FREE CAR WASH, FREE GIFTS . 

Date : 23rd January 2011 ( Sunday )
Time : 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Venue :  Despark Auto Academy, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
Here's the map.
click here to enlarge.

We needs as much as possible leos to attend the opening ceremony at 2p.m. Sharp .

Lets do some Charity Works !

PTHS member, please tell or sms to 0164900732 ( Amanda ) if you going. Thanks. 
Regards ,
Leo Boon Ci Ying
IT Director of PTHS